Why we chose to donate $1 from every kg, not a percentage of Profit

Why we chose to donate $1 from every kg, not a percentage of Profit

People have often commented on our choice of social impact method, choosing to donate $1 from every kg sold, rather than a percentage of profits.

When we started the Six8 Coffee Journey back in 2013, it was always as a means to be able to support the marginalised. We’ve grown slowly over time and there have definitely been years when we haven’t made a profit, but we’ve always been able to give to our mission partners.

The thing about giving a percentage of a profit is that a business could pledge 1%, 10%, even 50% or 100% of profits to a charity, and be turning over $100’s of thousands of $’s, and never actually make a business ‘profit’, and thus never actually give any money to the cause.

So, like many things we do, we decided to take the road less travelled, to make sure that we were clear and honest about what we are giving to our mission partners who are working to rescue, prevent and restore children from sexual slavery.

You can be sure that when you buy a kg of coffee from us, $1 is going to that cause. You become a part of that journey. And to be clear, for every 4x 250g that gets purchased, we also give $1 (or 25c for each 250g bag).

You can also be sure that your coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced, small batch roasted in Yass NSW, and crafted for the most incredible flavour.

So, from our family to yours, thank you for coming on the journey with us.

Daniel & Toni Neuhaus
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