Who we are…

People are at the heart of everything we do...
Six8 Coffee Roasters was birthed out of a passion for people, and a vision for coffee to be a tool for empowerment. We saw many great injustices whilst traversing through different countries, and realised that we could be a part of the answer, and that coffee could be the tool.

How do we do this?
Firstly, it’s through our purchasing choices. We have the power to affect change through the products that we buy. As a business, we are able to lead the way. We build strong relationships with suppliers who we can trust, and ensure that our coffee is not only sourced ethically, but giving back into the communities where they are produced! But it doesn’t just stop with the coffee. We choose to use products that are doing good right throughout our whole business!

Secondly, we give $1 from every kg of coffee that we sell, to our mission partners who are actively working to fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. They are working in some of the most depraved areas of the world, literally rescuing children from sex slavery and trafficking; They are working with communities to empower them through education, training and employment options, small business and social change.

Thirdly we respect our planet. We recognise that true sustainability is a wholistic approach that involves people and long term vision. We need to look after our environment so that it is still there for our children and their children’s children. And if we want great coffee in years to come, we need to be supporting the coffee growers with fair prices and sustainable business models. Aways trying to get the cheapest product is the best way to drive an industry into the ground!

To sum it all up, we value people!
We always value people over business and money, and we work hard to treat all people with respect and dignity. From our customers, suppliers & staff to our local and global community.

Our mission is to Act Justly, Love Mercy & Walk Humbly in everything that we do!


Our Origins...

We started Six8 Coffee Roasters in 2013, as a side project to raise money to help the fight against child slavery and sex trafficking.

At the time we were working as volunteer missionaries, and had spent time in SE Asia, South America & Europe working amongst some of the poorest and most disadvantaged peoples, who often ended up in the fast moving sex trade, seeing there was no other way. This really broke our hearts, but we knew there was still hope!

Us working with kids in Thailand in 2009.

Having worked with some of the organisations that were working to fix this problem, we saw that a little money could go a long way in helping out. We had discovered a passion for coffee and saw this as a way to help support the work that these organisations were doing to put an end to child slavery, through rescue, prevention and rehabilitation.

And thus, Six8 Coffee Roasters was born. Since then, we have stayed true to our cause, and with our model of giving $1 from every kg, we have continued to partner with organisations that are on the ground working to Rescue, Prevent and Rehabilitate children from Sexual Slavery and Trafficking.

To see more about who we partner with, check out our Social Impact page.


Daniel & Toni Neuhaus
Founders - Six8 Coffee Roasters

Daniel & Toni Neuhaus


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